NMWMT at the Asian Curry Awards 2021

The Asian Curry Awards are organised each year by the Asian Catering Federation. The 11th Awards took place on Sunday 21 November 2021 in the Great Room of the Grosvenor House Hotel on London’s Park Lane. This is one of the most prestigious banqueting locations in Britain.

Due to the excellent relationship between Lord Sheikh and the Asian Catering Federation’s Chairman Yawar Khan, we were delighted to be the charity partners for evening.

We were represented by our Chairman Lord Sheikh, Trustee Makhdum Ali Chishty, and Lady Sheikh.

The presenter for the evening was journalist Kate Silverton who works for the BBC.

The full 2 hours and 50 minutes event recording can be watched on Facebook.

Yawar Khan has kindly given us access to the original recordings, which are in high resolution and use multiple cameras, and permission to reproduce some of the recordings here.

Below is a 4-minute video of Mak Chishty’s speech and a short interview that he gave.

During the evening, all 800 of the guests were shown the video of our Remembrance Day visit to the Muslim Burial Ground Peace Garden in Woking.

You can watch it being shown in the 7-minute video below. If you have not seen it before, we recommend watching the original at the above link, to avoid the background noise.

The event brochure containing messages from the organisers, the chief guests (Lord Sheikh,  Just Eat’s UK Managing Director Andrew Kenny, Lord Bilimoria, and Mayor of Croydon Cllr Sherwan Chowdhury), short-lists for the Awards etc. also contained a one page advertisement for NMWMT.

That is reproduced below.

Below is a the 7-minute speech by the Asian Catering Federation’s Chairman Yawar Khan.

Lord Sheikh and NMWMT are mentioned starting at 4:43.

Below is a the 6-minute speech by Lord Sheikh.

NMWMT is mentioned starting at 5:21.

After all the speeches were over, the presentation of the Awards began.

Lord Sheikh presented the first four Awards made on the evening, which can be watched in the video below.

The 90-second video below contains a collection of short clips from the evening.

You can see:

  1. The pre-dinner reception with the NMWMT banner and Lady Sheikh in the background.
  2. A better view of the NMWMT banner in the background.
  3. Lord & Lady Sheikh giving our 4-page A4 leaflet to one of the guests.
  4. Lord Sheikh giving the leaflet to two other guests who hold civic offices.
  5. Makhdum Ali Chishty in discussion with two guests.
  6. A panoramic view of the empty Great Room. It can hold about 1,500 diners.
  7. Guests descending from the pre-dinner reception into the dining area.
  8. Guests taking their seats.
Trustee Makhdum Ali Chishty speaking at the Asian Catering Awards 2021

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