Sergeant Mohammad Hussain

Sergeant Mohammad Hussain

Sergeant Mohammad Hussain is a veteran of the World War II Italian Campaign of September 1943 – May 1945. He strongly believes in Remembrance.

Flight Lieutenant Haji Khan Bahadur Gulmast Khan

During World War 2 Khan Bahadur Gulmast Khan enlisted was commissioned as a Pilot Officer on 10th October 1941 when he was aged 59, him the earliest born Indian Air Force officer commissioned during the war.

Brigadier Abdul Qayyum Sher

Abdul Qayyum Sher, born in Kohat, 1921 served in the British Indian Army in Burma in World War 2 against the Japanese.

Colonel Mohammad Ghani

Colonel Mohammad Ghani is a centenarian who joined the British Indian Army in 1940. He was in a Punjab regiment and has sobering memories of 3.5 years spent in a Japanese prisoner of war camp where many died.

Mohammed Isaac

Lord Sheikh’s uncle Mohammed Isaac was a sergeant major in The Kings African Rifles and saw action in Abyssinia during the second world war. 

Khudadad Khan VC

Khudadad Khan VC was the first non-white person to be awarded the Victoria Cross in 1914 . He was a Muslim who came from Chakwal in present-day Pakistan.

Noor Inayat Khan GC

In World War Two, Noor Inayat Khan GC was the first female wireless operator sent by Britain to assist the French resistance in 1943. She was tortured by the Germans but never gave up any secret information.